Tuber melanosporum

Black Truffle

Black truffle

Category: Black Truffle

Product: Black truffle

Description: Two options: wild origin and trufficulture. We hunt the first one, and the second one comes from different areas of Spain such as Soria, Teruel, Vic, Huesca and Guadalajara.

Pieces Extra-First Class:

From 80 gr on average and greater. This are entire, irregular slightly peeled or striped. First Class From 10/15 gr to 50/60 gr aprox. Entire, irregular, slightly peeled or striped.

Second Class:

Second Class from 10 to 50 gr aprox. Entire, irregular, highly peeled or striped.

Small pieces:

Small from 5 to 12 gr aprox. Entire, irregular, pieces. Note: Requests for individual pieces of truffle are considered as EXTRA and separated prices must be asked.