Devoted to the truffles excellence

In Trufas Jiménez we always look for the excellence as a final result in our products. Since the lands we cultivate with mycorrhized oak with black truffle, through the search of wild varieties until the import of the well-known italian truffle.

We bet for quality in our working methodology and our business lines are centered in living up the customers expectations in reference to our products. Besides, as differentiating element we work directly with the hunters. This is seen in the prices of our products that we can offer in a much more competitive level, which is always a benefit for the customer.

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Francisco Jiménez
Francisco Jiménez
Commerce and Development

Since childhood all my activities have been linked to the enjoyment of nature for recreation and work in the field as family support. This sparked a huge passion for the study of nature and biology in general and to the understanding and development of the truffle in particular. This is the reason why I motivate this business along with my family. Tradition, innovation, knowledge and build a future have been the incentives that lead us to work in this new experience.

David Jiménez
David Jiménez
Production and Logistic

I am professional handball player for over eight years ago and an inherited field lover. Although I am graduated as Management Technician in sports and physical activities in the natural environment, I have decided to combine my sports career with my family tradition. The vine, almond, olive and saffron have left in me the passion for agriculture works. This and the effort that requires high-level sport, have led me to dedicate myself to the truffle cultivation and commercialization.

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